Saturday, December 16, 2006

Problems to solve in the social networking space

- How can I maintain relationships with people in the midst of the busyness of everyday life? With acquaintances and weak ties? Can technology help, or is there a more important factor?

- How to introduce life, culture, soul into the sterile, asynchronous medium of electronic communications?

- What do sociologists, anthropologists, and researchers from other disciplines have to tell us about internet social networks and their future?

- How can social networks and related technologies truly improve quality of life? How can they enrich or enhance life beyond entertainment and amusement? What is the spiritual dimension of social networks? What are the implications of the web as collective human consciousness? Does the web as a whole encourage or obviate internet social networks? What's after social networks? Do I need an internet social network? How do they benefit my life? What is the bigger question that social networks are trying to answer? How else can technology facilitate self-expression and connection? How best to augment social networking with best-of-breed third-party web services? What's next after wikis? What's next after email? After telephones, letters, face-to-face communication? After live communication, after asynchronous communication? How to achieve presence? How can audio or video improve presence? Can presence be achieved asynchronously? A robot speaking for us a thousand years in the future - is that genuine presence?

I the sun

I the sun

Thursday, December 14, 2006

8:00 check feeds, email
8:30 errands
9:30 walk about, think
10:30 exercise, prepare for bed
11:30 read
12:30 sleep

Monday, December 11, 2006

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